Casting out Evil Spirits

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Another Powerful Free Lesson below.

1Cor 13:11 says: "...put away childish things."   

Are you ready for the real thing?  Take control of your life by establishing your personal connection with our God almighty, so you can "...lay hands on the sick and they shall recover". (Mark 16:18)

Are you ready to reach a higher level of maturity in faith.  You can do this one of two ways, read my book, "Reaching God, Modern Paths to Miracles, Blessings, Healings and Prosperity" to build a strong base for your faith, but if you are in a hurry, try the effective sample lesson below.  Evil spirits caused illnesses and misfortune in biblical times.  That is why Jesus went around blasting them left and right!  And so you know, evil spirits continue the same today!  Some evil spirits just harass and torment the weak in faith.  Other more aggressive evil spirits take full control of people and drive them to do mean and hurtful things even to thenselves, others arround them, or even to their own family members. 

(Undemonized characteristics is being friendly, caring, blessing others, loving towards family, and dedicated to serving God, that is what God expects from us all.  Anything rougher than that is abnormal, is not God intended and may be fueled by evil spirits)

 If you suspect a family member is harboring a sinister spirit, you can learn to cast it out yourself or have a minister cast it out for you.    

Drawing on higher power:  Our Holy Bible has an order in Matthew 6:33 that if you "seek first the kingdom of God, all these things will be added onto you."  This means you too can learn to be used for His Holy Power to command away any and all demons and evil spirits.

Arm yourself strong in our Lord. 

I will caution you that this may not work for someon with weak faith contaminated with doubts.  Some evil spirits successfully use doubt as their main weapon against you knowing you are not in full control of your inherited power.  If you are weak in faith, you may fail just as even the Apostles did in Matt 17:20, and Luke 9:40 due to their new weak faith.  Learn to build it strong and blast them away, and even the most stubborn of evil spirits will obey your command and flee from your life if you command from a strong faith base. 

If you build up your faith strong enought, you can claim Mark 16:17-18

It is time you live a blessed life, just as our Lord intended!  Are you ready?

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